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10 years aniversary!

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Since I 10 years ago framed my certificate in gold and placed it in my teaching room, I have put hands on many pupils. One after the other has come and gone. Some only had a few lessons, maybe 3 or 6. Other had many, more than 100. All of them had their reason to ask for some alexander technical direction.

Until now, my pupils have been girls and boys, women and men from 10 to 86 years.

Typical reasons to approach me are pain or fatigue in the moving body, and that one has been through all possible kinds of treatments without any long lasting benefit.

Some has come to me right before an operation, they would rather avoid.

Some has been pregnant, while others come due to post natal problems.

Some have a profession, they wish to optimize. They can be riding teachers, musicians or dancers. Pedagogues, lawyers and IT-specialists, who have many still sitting hours.
Or employed with hard physical or repetitive movements.

Finally some simply wish to get to know themselves a bit better.

It has given me great joy to see pupils leave me in a much more relaxed and uplifted state, compared to pre-alexander technique lessons. To see them with less or no pain. More conscious about their movement pattern, whatever this implies. More clear about how to prevent problems coming back, and if they do – how to deal with them. Also more clear about how to progress in relation their professional lives.

A few also has run away as quickly as they came. For example I remember a pupil who worked in the healthcare system, who became completely shocked to hear, that we are not including a full blown anatomy course, like doctors are, during training. Telling her, that I don´t know the latin names of every single bone, made her tighten her face tremendously, and from that moment I knew, I would never see her again.

But that´s exactly the point: as Alexander Technique teachers we know something different from various practitioners, and we have a different training. The fact that our teaching can end with a long term treatment of various problems in the moving body – well, that´s just a great side effect and for many a happy ending.

We are teachers, not practitioners, so we teach. We are also practical people, working very much from a mental approach to the mere being. We know a lot about the mechanics of the body and we know our limits as teachers. We deal with the pupil´s weaknesses in relation to movement. That is a premiss for teaching the pupil to deal with themselves.

Thanks to all of you, who stopped by. You are always welcome to get a brush up!

I am looking forward to the next 10 years.

I wish all a good summer!

I recommend that you choose a teacher, who like me has an internationally approved qualification. You can always ask DFLAT