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All Diseases Begin in the Gut

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Joint-, muscle- and sceleton problems may be due to other reasons than a poor movement pattern

Quite a few pupils come to me with muscle-skeleton problems. Often they benefit greatly from learning Alexander Technique. But for some, this will not solve their problems.
Hearing a bit more about what sort of symptoms they have, I sometimes get a feeling that they could do with another strategy. This will be awareness of their own biochemical condition in their body – and, if it turns out, that this is not optimal, to learn what to do about it.

In some cases, you just cannot stretch or exercise your chronical pains in the moving body away, and even Alexander Technique may not solve the troubles either. Although Alexander Technique can ease lots of symptoms in the moving body, it is not some miracle treatment. But then what sort of solution should you turn to?

More than 2000 years ago, the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates said

“all diseases begin in the gut”

This also relates to problems in the muscle-skeleton system.

It´s about biochemistry
Clinical experiense shows, that people with a poor gut flora among many other symptoms, may develop symptoms in the moving body, like joint pain. This means, that it may be relevant to check out ones biochemical condition. Simply to get clear about whether it is something to deal with or not. Fortunately you can do something constructive to improve your gut flora.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome
Quite a few years ago, the Russian-British neurologist and nutritionist Natasha Campbell-McBride launched an umbrella diagnosis for all those hundreds of symptoms and diagnoses that turn out can be due to a deprived gut flora. She calls it Gut and Psychology Syndrome, or GAPS.

GAPS-symptoms seen in my teaching room
Symptoms, some of my pupils have had, and that I have been suspicious about could be GAPS-symptoms are for instance:

  • really bad night sleep without any logical explanation
  • years with stomach pain
  • narcolepsy
  • learnings disabilities
  • anxiety
  • plantar fascitis
  • facial allergic exzema

Symptoms like these affect the moving body in different ways. For instance, a collapse due to lack of sleep is actually just a symptom – and although it might help and ease life with some Alexander Technique, you may wish to dig deeper to find a solution to the real cause.

Make your own research
Don´t expect that any practitioner know much about this subject. Certainly not doctors – they are not educated to know anything about it.
You will need to make your own research, if you wish to follow this track. If it rings a bell, I suggest to check out my other website gapschef – here you can get more info about GAPS and what to do about it, including many other links to informative websites, and practitioners.