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Lower back pain and what you eat

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Chronical lower back pain has to do with chronically tensed belly and pelvis muscles. Why do you tense there? One reason could have to do with what you eat.

If you have chronical or recurrent pain in the lower back, you need to look at different factors to find a solution. Since 2008 we have solid scientific evidence, that just 6 Alexander Technique lessons within 3 months combined with 30 minutes brisk walk 7 days a week can reduce the problems dramatically. Best is 24 lessons within 3 months, which reduces 21 days with pain pr month to 3. I´ll recommend a brisk walk anytime – but here you also have an angle on lower back pain, that you might not have heard about before!

Often chronical pain in various parts of the moving body has to do with chronically tensed muscles – this also applies to the lower back. But you must remember, that the lower back is not only the lower part of the back, it is also the back part of the pelvis, that is connected with the rest of the body in a complicated and fine network of muscles, bones, ligaments, connecting tissue etc.
That is why it is often of no use to look at lower back problems as an isolated phenomena.

On top of looking at your general movement pattern, it can be relevant to look at what this pelvis contains. A big part of it contains the gut! No surprice, but have you ever given your gut flora a thought? The gut contains about 2 kg of bacteria, which is vital for our survival. Good health is dependent on this gut flora´s balance. There are beneficial, opportunistic and dysbiotic bacteria. If the balance of these types of bacteria is not beneficial but dysbiotic, it means that the gut wall it is vulnerable and a typical symptom of that is what is knowns as leaky gut. A leaky gut can´t handle certain food. If you have a dysbiotic gut flora, you might know perfectly well, that you have certain food intolerances, but you might also not know what more food you might have difficulty in digesting.

One of the symptoms of a more or less dysbiotic gut flora is bloatedness. You know – just a little or a lot every day, maybe beginning at the same time every day, maybe it starts at different times. You might get used to it, depending on how bloated you are, – i.e, do you look like someone who is 5, 7 or 8 months pregnant?

What makes the problem worse is, that bloatedness can make you tense in the inner pelvic muscles. You don´t neccessarily know it, because, in terms of muscle sensation, the bloatedness makes you partly numb in that area and 2. you can´t controle all the inner pelvis muscles consciously.


  • for an instant solution you can choose a costume, that leaves your tummy in peace and and provides lots of space to swell as it wants to. Do not pull in your tummy consciously! It makes it worse, try instead to let it be and take whatever shape it wants to.

(Hint to the ladies: empire style dresses and tops hides a swelling tummy)
(Hint to the boys: skip the old t-shirt and get yourself a great shirt in a fabric and colour that suits you. Don´t tuck it into your trousers! No one can see, that you have loosened your belt or that you feel that your stomach is to big.)

Let´s face it – we can´t throw away our vanity values over night and we can´t live with what we feel is an enourmous tummy. So: dress comfortably and look good at the same time, for your tummy´s and lower back´s sake!

  • for a more solid solution, you can look at your diet. When do you get bloated? Note it down and see, if there are certain tendencies
  • consult a practitioner, who can help you get tested your gut flora

GAPS DIET – the symptom removing – and healing diet
There are more different diets, you can follow, to find out whether you can get an easier lower back life by skipping the bloatedness. The one I know is GAPS Diet, which not only takes away a never ending list of possible symptoms of light or very serious character, but also builds up a beneficial gut flora, so that you actually get healed and don´t stay depended on a strict diet and medicine the rest of your life.

This is a hole new BIG, BIG subject, which you can read and hear a lot about here:

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Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride