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New book with interesting case stories

Puslished 17. juli 2015, 15:59 - 0 comments.

Paths to the Alexander Technique is published by The FM Alexander Trust and edited by Shelagh Aitken

This is from the press material from the publisher:

About the book
The storytellers in this book stumble across the Alexander Technique, often after years of searching and experimenting with solutions, mainstream and alternative, for a problem they cannot solve. The search may start with a crisis, large or small, physical or mental, which suddenly becomes worse. Someone mentions the Alexander Technique, and they try it in desperation when other disciplines have failed.

Over time, the storytellers find that the problems seem to solve themselves, or diminish in importance. And they notice other, unexpected benefits: a sharpness of vision and reaction; more confidence; a feeling of being more at ease with themselves in the world, physically, mentally and emotionally.
“A wonderful collection of stories concerning diverse people with diverse problems: from those with bad backs, weak legs or sore feet to others trying to find more efficient ways to cycle, write or play a musical instrument. All encounter and then engage with the Alexander Technique, and in doing so discover its direct relevance to their everyday lives.“ 
Seán Carey PhD, author of five acclaimed books on the Alexander Technique