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Alexander Technique at work

Research from 2012 concludes, that any type of employees or working person can benefit from Alexander Technique

That comes to

  • people, who are sitting in front of a schreen all day long
  • people with repetitive or physically hard work such as production line workers, cleaning people, gardeners. Workers who must stand or sit weirdly and off balanced in order to do their work
  • highly specialized employees such as surgeons, pilots or musicians

Clever responsible at music conservatories around the world (not Denmark) have created a long tradition of offering their students Alexander Technique lessons.
This helps musicians get rid of bad playing habits and replace them with ways that make them able to last as a professionel, highly specialized performer throughout their working life without cracking.

For everybody

But not only musicians have to preform better than the last time. No matter which job you have, you have to deliver some kind of performance. As the research from Barcelona shows, anyone can benefit from Alexander Technique lessons. Also the companies can save expences by providing lessons for their workers.

This is the English abstract

Comments from some participants