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Employers said

In the research from 2012 (Foment del Treball Nacional de Catalunya, Barcelona) 23 companies and organisations from 9 countries took part in a questionaire about their experience with offering Alexander Technique lessons to their employees.

Among others, Chevron/Texaco, BBC, The Israely Air Force and the ones below took part:

Victorinox, (Swiss knife company)

”In the beginning of the project the employees had a lot of problems with tendinitis and muscle tensions. I have considered how to solve this problem and Alexander technique seemed to be a suitable answer, as it includes a learning proces and encourages the employees to take responsibility for their own health. It is our experience, that as long as the employees LEARN, it works. ”

UNIcible (Swiss IT company)

The organisation recommends this teaching to all employers, who wish to give their employees the possibility to be more flexible, to be more assertive, to improve the communication, to be better to speak in public, to reduce physical and emotional tensions as well as gain better ergonomic conditions at work.

Siemens AG (German Electrical engineering company)

”It is recommendable to spread out to all areas of the production. It seems that this positive change has come to stay.”