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Most people start taking lessons because they wish to prevent or rehabilitate problems in their moving body.

Prevent mistakes, accidents, tiredness, pain and wear of the moving body

Most of us make more in-appropriate movements than we are able to sense. That is wearing.
The good news is, that it is possible to learn to sense, what you are actually doing, that causes pain or tiredness. New insights can start a proces of changing bad habits into good ones.

Get better

If you are tormented by pain or always feel tired and stiff in certain areas of the body, Alexander Technique can be a way to rehabilitate. You learn to use your efforts with care and to coordinate your movements, so that it affects your body at the reflex level. If you have had an injury, a disease, an outwearing job or simply move in an outwearing way, you can regain a life with less or no pain by integrating Alexander Technique in your daily life. Research also indicates, that Alexander Technique is a good coping method i relation to chronic pain.

Fysical and mental changes

The impact on Alexander Technique is wide. People, who include it in their daily life, experience fysical as well as mental changes, that strengthens their moveability, stability and efficiency as well as their integrity.

Reading is fine, but…..

To really understand what Alexander Technique is, you must try it. You cannot read a new sensory experience, that is something you´ll have to sense! However, books are a fine supplement to a deeper understanding and inspiration to continue the work on your own after having had lessons. I recommend Missy Vineyards book from 2007 “How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live”.